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Our Valued Partners & Sponsors

Discover the incredible network of partners and sponsors who play a crucial role in fueling our mission at CMMF. Their unwavering support and generosity enable us to provide quality education and resources to the young minds in Kitui County, Kenya. Join us in celebrating these remarkable collaborations that are making a lasting impact and helping to shape brighter futures.

Pastor Jonathan

The Immanuel United Church of Christ, led by Pastor Jonathan’s unwavering faith, has become an instrumental ally to the CMMF. Their shared commitment to extend a hand of love and compassion has forged a partnership that empowers Kenyan children to reach their full potential. The church’s support is a powerful force, helping to shatter the barriers of poverty with education, opening doors to new possibilities, and nurturing hope for generations to come.

Amy & Ken

Amy and Ken Geiman’s alliance with the CMMF is more than just philanthropy; it’s a personal mission sparked by a shared classroom experience with Monica. By adopting the educational cause of a Kenyan student, they’ve turned their compassion into action, transcending boundaries to ensure education is a right, not a privilege. Their efforts, including creative fundraising initiatives, embody their deep-seated belief in education as a cornerstone for a brighter future.

Tina R Dover

Tina R Dover stands firm in the belief that financial barriers should never hinder a child’s educational journey. Her advocacy for the CMMF is rooted in the conviction that every young mind deserves the chance to blossom through learning. Tina’s support is a testament to the foundation’s vital role in transforming lives, guided by the hope that each child they aid will be graced with endless opportunities and blessings

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Every donation brings us a step closer to providing education and opportunities to underprivileged youth Your generous support can transform their future and empower them to break the cycle of poverty. Be a part of their journey to success—donate today and invest in a brighter tomorrow.