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Our Genesis

A Journey from Awareness to Action

Raised in Kenya, I, Monica Ellis, experienced first-hand the impact of poverty on education. Moving to the USA in 2009 broadened my perspective, leading to a crucial moment in 2012 when supporting my nieces’ education sparked a deeper realization about children lacking educational support.

This spurred the creation of the Charles Musyoka Matuku Foundation, dedicated to providing education and breaking the cycle of poverty for Kenyan children. We offer financial aid, supplies, and guidance, ensuring education is accessible for all. Our commitment challenges the economic barriers in Kenya, striving to leave no child behind and opening doors of opportunity for the youth. Join us in this transformative mission.

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Our Mission

To revolutionize the futures of underprivileged children in Kenya, fostering empowerment and change through the provision of exceptional educational opportunities.

Our Vision

To create a world where education and fundamental rights are accessible to all, ensuring that every needy student and family in Kenya has the support and resources they need to thrive.

Leadership and Governance

Steering the Charles Musyoka Matuku Foundation

At the heart of the Charles Musyoka Matuku Foundation is our dynamic Board of Directors, charting the course towards our vision with insightful policies and strategies. Their decisions, shaped by careful consideration, align seamlessly with our mission and aspirations. The day-to-day operations are skillfully managed by our Chief Executive Officer, supported by a team of dedicated program officers overseeing our diverse departments. Together, they form the backbone of our foundation, driving us forward with commitment and precision.

Minnie Mbaabu


Minnie Mbaabu, the CEO of the Charles Musyoka Matuku Foundation, is a key figure in guiding its strategic direction and fostering community relationships. A Kenyatta University graduate, she joined the foundation in 2018 and has since risen to a leadership role. Minnie is instrumental in policy development, reporting to the board and partners, and engaging with beneficiaries. She is driven by a passion for human empowerment and is dedicated to making the foundation a leading resource for providing quality education to Kenya’s underprivileged children.

Hezron Kitheka

Project Manager

Hezron Kitheka, a CMMF alumnus and Masai Mara University graduate, joined the foundation in 2023 as a Field Officer. His role includes conducting home visits, verifications, and monitoring foundation programs. Motivated by the opportunity to give back to the organization that supported his education and to help others in need, Hezron focuses on building community relationships and sustaining sponsor partnerships, crucial for achieving the foundation’s goals.

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