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Minnie Mbaabu

From the fields of Isiolo to the graduation stage, my journey is a testament that with resilience, support, and education, every obstacle can be transformed into an opportunity.

Minnie Mbaabu's Story

My name is Minnie Mbaabu, and my story is one of resilience, transformation, and the power of education. Raised by a single mother in the heart of Isiolo County, life presented its fair share of challenges. My mother, a humble peasant farmer, struggled to make ends meet due to unpredictable weather patterns and scant produce, making the prospect of affording my education seem like a distant dream.

In 2010, I embarked on my secondary education journey at Chuluni Secondary School in Kitui. The financial burden of school fees weighed heavily on us, and by my second year, the threat of dropping out loomed large. However, my academic performance caught the attention of the school’s principal, who graciously allowed me to continue my studies despite our inability to pay the fees.

2012 marked a turning point in my life when the principal introduced me to the Charles Musyoka Matuku Foundation (CMMF). With open arms and a generous heart, CMMF cleared my outstanding fees and supported me throughout the remainder of my high school and university education. Their unwavering support culminated in my graduation from Kenyatta University in 2018, with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Planning and Management.

Post-graduation, fueled by a burning desire to give back and make a difference, I found my calling at CMMF, first as a volunteer and eventually as the CEO since 2018. Serving the underprivileged children and aiding them in accessing quality education through the foundation has been an incredibly fulfilling journey. The commitment and dedication of CMMF have profoundly altered the course of my life for the better, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

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