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Angela Mwikali

Raised in a large family in Mutha, Kitui County, I faced significant educational challenges due to financial constraints. My parents, having exhausted their resources on my older siblings' education, left me struggling to stay in school. The Charles Musyoka Matuku Foundation (CMMF) came to my rescue, clearing my school fees arrears and providing the stability I needed to focus on my studies. Their support propelled me through high school, enabling me to pursue a Bachelor of Education degree at Machakos University. Today, I am fulfilling my dream as a teacher, all thanks to the unwavering support of CMMF.

Angela Mwikali’S Story

My name is Angela Mwikali. I was born in Mutha in southern Kitui County. I was raised among ten other siblings in a humble background. My father, the family breadwinner, was a trained Primary School teacher, a job from which he retired in 2005 during my fifth grade. Being the fourth born in the family, I faced many challenges throughout my high school education at Chuluni Girls’ Secondary School, because by the time I joined high school, my parents had already sold everything they could to pay fees for my three older brothers. I used to be sent home more often than usual due to unpaid school fees balances.

Luckily for me, I was privileged to be accepted for sponsorship by the CMMF, which took the responsibility to pay my school fees arrears, hence, giving me peace of mind and the ample time I had yearned for to concentrate on my studies. Through my tireless efforts, I graduated from high school with a mean grade of B and joined Machakos University to pursue the Bachelor of Education degree.

Currently, I am serving as a teacher under the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) for my internship programme, which I secured in February 2023. I fully attribute the success of my educational journey to CMMF.

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