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Jacob Muthoka

College and TVET Student
Growing up as an orphan in Kitui County, Kenya, under my elderly grandmother's care, the path to furthering my education seemed bleak. After primary school, the financial barriers to high school felt insurmountable, until our community and a kind-hearted teacher stepped in to help. Just when I thought things were looking up, the Charles Musyoka Matuku Foundation (CMMF) came into my life, taking on the responsibility of my education and ensuring I could complete high school without financial strain. Now, as I pursue a certificate in Land Surveying at Meru National Polytechnic, fully supported by CMMF, I am filled with gratitude. The foundation has not only funded my education but also inspired me to strive for excellence. To CMMF and all its partners, thank you for making education accessible and for believing in students like me.

Jacob Muthoka’s Story

My name is Jacob Muthoka Mbite. I was born and raised in Kitui County, Kenya. I am an orphan and living with my aged grandmother. After I had completed primary school education, I was unable to join high school for lack of school fees and began to lose hope of continuing with education. My grandmother and I started approaching our neighbors and any well-wishers we could find to help us raise my school fees. One of our neighbors, who was a teacher himself, helped us to raise enough funds to eventually enable me to join high school.

Meanwhile, during the 2 nd term of my first year in high school, one of our neighbors who had heard about CMMF introduced me to the foundation, which took the responsibility and paid for my education until I completed high school. I am now studying for a certificate in Land Surveying at the Meru National Polytechnic and the foundation pays for my college tuition and board. I thank the foundation and its partners for paying for my education and motivating me to work hard. I commend you all for ensuring that those of us who lack the means are also able to receive their education free from financial challenges.

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