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Neema Daniel

University Student
From the humble classrooms of Yumbisye to the prestigious halls of the University of Nairobi, my journey has been a testament to the transformative power of support and belief in potential. The Charles Musyoka Matuku Foundation ignited a spark within me, turning dreams into reality and challenges into stepping stones.

Neema Daniels’s Story

My name is Neema Daniel, from Kitui, Kenya. Having been raised in a financially challenged family, I understood from an early age that pursuing my dreams would require tremendous determination and a dash of good fortune.

I passed my KCPE examination with a remarkable score of 422 marks. This made my future look bright since I had been dreaming of joining the prestigious Kenya High School, but the financial constraints our family faced cast a shadow over my aspirations.

With a heavy heart, I found myself enrolling at Yumbisye Secondary School, which was a day-school, but hoped I was still moving towards a promising future. But during my second year at Yumbisye, destiny decided to intervene! Like a guardian angel, Charles Musyoka Matuku Foundation stretched their helping hand and started paying my school fees, igniting a spark of
hope within me as none had ever burnt brighter. After my four years at Yumbisye, I scored an A in my KCSE examination.

Currently, I am a proud student at the University of Nairobi, pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree. The foundation has not only supported me but also provided me with an unshakable belief in my own self. Their generosity has fueled my determination, their kindness uplifted my spirits, and their faith in my potential become the driving force behind my pursuits.

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