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Rose Philip

College and TVET Student
Raised by my elderly grandmother in Kitui County, Kenya, I faced immense financial hardships, especially when it came to funding my education. Our community and church extended their support, but it was only enough to send me to a day-school. Everything changed when I was introduced to the Charles Musyoka Matuku Foundation (CMMF), which not only transferred me to a boarding school but also took on the responsibility of my school fees and other necessities. Today, as I volunteer at CMMF and prepare to start my college journey in Education, fully supported by the foundation, I am filled with gratitude. CMMF has truly illuminated my path, showing me that with the right support, dreams can be pursued and futures can be brightened.

Rose Philip’s Story

My name is Rose Philip, an orphan from Kitui County, Kenya. I was raised by my grandmother who was too old to engage in any income generating activities, which meant our family had to struggle to meet basic needs. When the time came for me to join high school, my grandmother reached out to our church and the community to help her raise my school fees. My desire was to attend a boarding school, but the money raised could only take me to a day-school.

Raising school fees for me and my siblings continued to be a serious challenge to our family. As we continued facing these challenges, a pastor who happened to be a good friend of my grandmother’s introduced me to CMMF and the story changed. The foundation transferred me to a boarding school and, on top of taking over the payment of my school fees, catered for myschool shopping needs until I completed high school.

After I completed my high school education, the Foundation offered me the opportunity to serve as a volunteer in its Kitui office. During my volunteer service in the foundation’s office, I have been touched as I have served other students who, like me, have been experiencing serious financial challenges. I will be joining college in September 2023 to pursue a Diploma in Education and the foundation has promised to continue paying for my education. I thank CMMF for brightening my future. May God bless this foundation and its founder and partners for their amazing work of charity.

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