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Samuel Mutua

High School Student
Stranded and parentless in Kitui County after primary school, I found a beacon of hope in the Charles Musyoka Matuku Foundation. They embraced me, covering my high school needs and providing invaluable guidance. Now in my final year at Yumbisye Secondary School, I am grateful for their unwavering support and the promise to see me through my education. CMMF has been my family, my support, and my blessing.

Samuel Mutua’s Story

My name is Samuel Mutua. I come from Kitui County. I lost contact with my parents after completing my primary school education. This was how it all happened. My parents had sent me to live with my uncle in Nairobi for a short time before I would join high school. Unfortunately, on returning to Kitui to prepare myself to join high school, I found out that my parents had relocated from our home area. I tried in vain to reach them through their cell phones. Their phones were off ! I asked the neighbors if they knew where my parents then lived but none of them seemed to have any clue.
I was very frustrated, not knowing where to live or who to depend on to take me to school. A Good Samaritan took me in as I tried to figure out how I would find my parents and how I was going to join high school. I shared my story with the head teacher at the primary school I attended and he sympathized with my situation. Since I was the best student in the school in that year’s Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) results, the teachers began helping me to look for well-wishers to fund my secondary education. It was then that they came across and introduced me to CMMF. The foundation helped me to join high school by doing school shopping for me, paying my school fees, and meeting any other school-related need I had. The foundation has since taken care of me as its own child, even offering me guidance and counseling to overcome challenges of life. Whenever I have needed a parent, CMMF has been there for me.
Currently, I am doing my last grade (Form IV) at Yumbisye Secondary School. Despite not having managed to reconnect with my parents, I am going on with my education. The foundation has promised to take care of me and pay my school fees until I complete my education. I am so thankful to CMMF for the great sacrifice they have made to care for me physically, mentally and spiritually. May God greatly bless CMMF.

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