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Brian Esami

Growing up as the youngest of five siblings, my world turned upside down when I lost my mother and later my elder sister, leaving my grandmother to care for me and nine other grandchildren with no income. Struggling to pay for my education, my community rallied to support me through my first year at Maseno University. However, funds quickly ran out during my second year, leading me to the Charles Musyoka Matuku Foundation through a fellow beneficiary. Their support transformed my life, covering my tuition, accommodation, and living expenses until graduation. I am profoundly grateful to CMMF for helping me chase my dreams and for their incredible generosity.

Brian Esami’s Story

My name is Brian Esami, from Vihiga County, Kenya. I am the last born in a family of five siblings. My mother passed during my 8 th year in elementary school, leaving me under the care of my elder sister, who also later passed on. This left me and nine other grandchildren under the care of my grandmother, who had no income at all, and depended on her children for upkeep. My grandmother raised us with a lot of struggle, and paying for my school fees was very difficult. Hence, when, in 2015, I was called to join Maseno University to pursue a bachelors degree, I had no hope of joining since my grandmother could not afford to pay my school fees.

We therefore mobilized the community and organized a fundraising drive that would help me to clear my high school fees balance and pay for my first year in university. During my second year in university, I ran out of funds and life became really difficult. It was during this time that I met a friend who was one of CMMF’s beneficiaries, and who was touched by my story and decided to introduce me to the foundation.

That was how I met CMMF, and the foundation brightened my future. Since then, CMMF took care of my school fees, accommodation, and upkeep until I completed university. I express my gratitude to this foundation for granting me the opportunity to pursue my dreams.
May God bless you abundantly.

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