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Faith Mwende

High School Student
From the humble beginnings in Kitui County to the empowering halls of high school, my journey has been a story of resilience, support, and the transformative power of education. Raised by a single, physically disabled mother, the Charles Musyoka Matuku Foundation became our beacon of hope, ensuring that financial constraints would not hinder my educational progress. Their unwavering support has been my stronghold, and I am filled with gratitude for their commitment to my future.

Faith Mwende’s Story

My name is Faith Mwende, from Kitui County, Kenya. I have been raised by my single and physically disabled mother. My mother’s one hand was amputated when she was young, which meant she would be unable to do much work, since our community relied so much on farming. Luckily, though, my mother has been hired to sell second-hand clothes to make a living.

But her income is too little to cater for our basic needs and pay for my high school education. When time came for me to join high school, my mother sought help from our County Government, which generously assisted her. She was able to enroll me in high school, although the money was not enough to pay for the entire first term’s instalment.

As a result, my mother had to look for other channels to raise funds to pay for my education. It was then that one of CMMF’s beneficiaries referred her to the foundation. The foundation cleared my school fees balance and continued to pay my fees for the subsequent terms. I really appreciate CMMF for the support they have offered me. It’s my prayer that you join me in appreciating the foundation for the same. Thank you.

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