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Joshua Kasyoka

University Student
From the uncertainties of a local day school to the prestigious halls of the University of Nairobi, my journey has been a testament to resilience, support, and the transformative power of education. The Charles Musyoka Matuku Foundation has been my pillar, turning challenges into opportunities and helping me rediscover hope and potential within. I am eternally grateful for their unwavering support and belief in my journey.

Joshua Kasyoka’s Story

My name is Joshua Kasyoka, from Kitui, Kenya. Due to financial challenges our family was facing, my mother had to live and work in Nairobi, my aged grandmother had to take care of me, But my mother only found a casual job that fetched her very little income and was not able to cater for the family’s basic needs.

Due to these challenges, when time came for me to join high school, I had to join a local day school in the neighborhood. Still, my mother could not afford to pay my school fees. As a result, I would be sent home every now and then and most of the time spend long periods at home, due to unpaid fees balances. My situation drew the attention of the teachers, who introduced me to CMMF. The foundation then took over payment of my school fees until I completed high school. But, unfortunately, my study life had already been affected and, as a result, I failed the KCSE examination despite CMMF’s support.

I therefore decided to repeat my third and fourth years (Form III & Form IV) in a different school, and the foundation still ensured they catered for my school fees and other needs. This time I passed my KCSE examination with flying colors and joined the University of Nairobi, to pursue a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and statistics. Despite going through so many challenges, I finally excelled. My family and the foundation were very impressed with my achievement.

CMMF has continued supporting me during my studies at the university, to date. I graduate in September this year. I lack words to adequately express my gratitude to the foundation for paying for my education and enabling me to foresee a bright future ahead of me. During the years that I have been its beneficiary, the foundation has restored in my life hope that had been lost. May the Lord bless CMMF and its founder.

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