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Agnes Faith

High School Student
From the brink of despair to a future filled with possibilities, CMMF has turned my educational journey into a story of hope and resilience. Now, as I stand on the threshold of university, I am a testament to the power of support and the miracles that happen when we dare to believe.

Agnes Faith’s Story

My name is Agnes Faith. I was born and raised in Kitui. I am an orphan and live with my uncle,who is a casual laborer. When the time came for me to join high school, my uncle did not have money to pay for my school fees. My uncle therefore sought the assistance of friends and well-wishers and managed to find someone who promised to pay all my school fees.

I therefore joined high school comfortably and my school fees was fully paid for during the first and second years. When I was about to join the third grace, the helper who was paying for my education requested me to move to a day-school because she could no longer afford the school fees in a boarding school.When my uncle talked to the school principal about my transfer, she was reluctant to let me go and suggested that my benevolent begin to pay the equivalent of what she would pay in a day school, and that the school would work with my uncle to find other ways of topping up my school fees. This way, I would remain in the boarding school.

Our benevolent agreed but, strangely, she did not keep her word and did not pay my school fees for the subsequent terms. As a result, my school fees arrears continued to pile up, since neither was my uncle able to raise my school fees. But, consequently, this worked for my good. The school principal introduced me to CMMF who took over the responsibility to pay my school fees including offsetting the arrears. Since then, I have had peace of mind to settle down and concentrate on my studies, knowing that my school fees will be fully paid. I am now in my fourth grade (Form IV) and hoping to perform well enough in the final KCSE exam to join university. I am thankful to CMMF for coming to rescue me in my educational journey when I was in despair. Indeed, it is a miracle! May God bless you!

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