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Brian Muthoka

High School Student
Growing up in Kitui County, my journey has been marked by financial hardships and the dream of a brighter future. The Charles Musyoka Matuku Foundation stepped in, turning my struggles into a story of hope and determination. They've not only supported my education but also equipped me with life skills and the motivation to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor. I am profoundly grateful for their unwavering support and the brighter future they've helped me envision.

Brian Muthoka’s Story

My name is Brian Muthoka, from Kitui County, Kenya. I come from a humble background. My parents are mainly farmers who only rely on the rains for produce. My father also performs masonry works but rarely gets jobs. Hence, many times we have to cut down trees to make charcoal for sale, so that we can get money to buy food.

During my elementary school studies, I faced so many challenges. I would go to school without shoes, wear torn uniform, and frequently be sent home from school for nonpayment of school fees. Nevertheless, I tried my level best and, in my KCPE examination in 2019, attained a mean mark of 348. In 2020, my aunt, who had witnessed the generous works of Charles Musyoka Matuku Foundation, introduced me to the organization. The foundation has since been paying my school fees, and helping me to nurture my dream of becoming a doctor. Through the foundation, I have also been given advice and the skills to handle challenges in life, which gives me the motivation to work harder to attain my target of B+ in the KCSE examinations at the end of this year.

I thank the foundation greatly for supporting me, and enabling me to overcome the financial challenges that I had faced in high school, like often lacking enough pocket money or even the transport to go back to school. I pray for the foundation to keep on with its mission of making the lives of many to shine brighter by paying for their education. May the Almighty God bless you abundantly.

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