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Brian Nguli

High School Student
Raised in Matinyani, Kitui County, my educational journey was uncertain due to financial challenges, until the Charles Musyoka Matuku Foundation (CMMF) stepped in. They not only paid my high school fees but also provided for my school shopping needs, allowing me to focus on my studies. Now in my fourth year of high school, I am working hard to excel in my KCSE examinations, with aspirations to continue my education at university. I am profoundly grateful to CMMF for being a guiding light in my life, turning my dreams into achievable goals. May God bless this foundation abundantly.

Brian Nguli’s Story

My name is Brian Nguli ,from Matinyani in Kitui County, Kenya. My mother left me under the care of my father and went to live in a distant town. My father does casual jobs whenever he finds them, and his income is very unstable. As a result, we sometimes fail to meet our basic needs.

Therefore, despite performing very well in the KCPE examinations, when I was invited to join high school, I did not have hope of attending the school, due to my father’s inability to pay my school fees. I shared my story and concern with my elementary school teacher who, after he had heard about CMMF, encouraged me to apply to the foundation for sponsorship. The foundation accepted and supported me to join high school without challenges.

Despite the foundation paying for my school fees, I still had to do casual jobs during the holidays to help my father as he worked hard to cater for the family’s basic needs and my school shopping. This left me with no time to revise for my studies and led to my poor performance at school. The foundation noticed this and talked to me about my grades. I opened up and told them about the challenges I experienced at home despite their paying my school fees. From that time, the foundation started helping me with my school shopping too, and I did not have to work during the holidays anymore.

I am now doing my fourth year in high school and hoping to excel in the KCSE examinations because I desire to be admitted in university for further studies. I thank the foundation for being a light in my life. For sure, I would not have been able to go to school if help from the foundation had not come through. May God bless CMMF.

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