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Mary Maswili

College and TVET Student
Raised by a single mother working as a house help, financial challenges were a constant in my life, leading my elder brothers to drop out of school. Everything changed when CMMF stepped in, funding my high school education and bringing immense joy to our family. Now, as I pursue a diploma in cosmetology and hairdressing, their support continues. Volunteering for the foundation has been an incredible way to give back, helping other needy children just like me. I am profoundly thankful to CMMF for being the light in my life.

Mary Maswili’s Story

My name is Mary Maswili, from Kitui County. I am the fourth-born in a family of five and was raised by my single mother who faced so many financial challenges. My mother worked as a house help and her little salary could not cater for the family’s basic needs and pay for our school fees at the same time. As a result, my elder brothers dropped out of school for lack of school fees. Mom shared the challenge of taking her children to school with her employer, who later referred her to CMMF.

The foundation paid for my high school education, which gave us a lot of joy. After completing high school, I volunteered to work for the foundation while waiting to join college. It was a wonderful experience for me to have the opportunity to serve other needy children like me. I joined college in 2022 to pursue a diploma in cosmetology and hairdressing, and the foundation has continued to support me. I am truly grateful to the foundation for bringing light into my life.

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