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Onesmus Mwongela

University Student
From the arid fields of Kitui to the vibrant classrooms of Kisii University, my educational journey has been a testament to the power of support and belief in potential. The Charles Musyoka Matuku Foundation transformed my life, providing stability, support, and the opportunity to excel academically, for which I am eternally grateful.

Onesmus Mmongela’s Story

My name is Onesimus Mwongela, from Kitui County, Kenya. I was raised in a family of eleven children by parents who struggled to do farming in a dry region that yielded little or no produce. Besides, our family’s income is too little to cater for our basic needs and school fees.

In 2016, I joined high school as a commuter for lack of finances to pay for a boarding school. Even there, I was frequently sent home for nonpayment of school fees. By then, one of my elder sisters, Angela Mwikali, had already joined CMMF and the foundation had been supporting her very well. So, talked to the foundation about my situation and they decided to extend their support to me too. CMMF both started supporting me and facilitated my transfer to a good boarding school. As a result, I was now settled in my mind and able to concentrate in my studies.

I performed well in high school and secured a place in Kisii University, Kenya, to pursue a bachelor’s degrees in business and geography. This is a huge accomplishment, not just for me but also for my parents, who are very proud of me. And God made it possible through CMMF. Thank you for your thoughtful generosity and confidence in me.

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