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Patricia Mwikali

High School Student
Raised by my ailing grandmother in Kitui County, I faced immense financial hardships. Thanks to the Charles Musyoka Matuku Foundation, I found support and stability, allowing me to focus on my studies with the hope of excelling in my exams and pursuing university education. Their generosity has been my lifeline, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Patricia Mwikali's Story

My name is Patricia Mwikali, from Muthale in Kitui County, Kenya. I am an orphan living with a very old and feeble grandmother. Most of the time she is sickly and unable to engage in any income generating activities. This makes it very hard for us to cater for our basic needs or even pay for school fees. When the time came for me to join high school, I did not have the funds to report to school. It was my elementary school teachers and members of our church that helped me to raise funds and enabled me to join high school. In the process of well-wishers raising school fees for me, it happened that one of them introduced me to CMMF, which has since support me. The foundation has been so generous to me. They have paid my school fees and ensured I have been comfortable in my schooling. I am hoping to excel in the national examinations and be able to secure a place in university. May God bless CMMF for showing mercy and love and offering their support to me.

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